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Play to earn blockchain game is Sandbox which allows players for building a virtual world thereby using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on blockchain based on Ethereum. So as to gain access on various environments, games and hubs; players could design their very own avatars on The Sandbox metaverse.

The game could be one of Defi version of Minecraft on blockchain. This game was launched by Pixowl in 2011, where Sandbox was basically a mobile gaming base which was made to rival Minecraft. It became so popular that it ended up making ahead of 40 million downloads around the globe. But in 2018, it’s co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastian Borget had planned to survey the capability of creation of 3D metaverse on blockchain. Basic aim of them behind all this is to allow its users to own their creations as NFTs and thereby earn rewards by participating in ecosystem.

Where, the release of latest Sandbox project was done in 2020 and so became fastest growing game in crypto world with both these games running with them as Decentraland and Axie Infinity.
The Sandbox had raised $93 million so as to perform funding from investors who are led by the Japanese mobile giant SoftBank, in November 2021. The game was also successful in attracting around 50 partnerships, involving Atari which is popular gaming company , CryptoKitties. Also the Walking Dead and the hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

Working Of Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world which is dynamic with the creations which are user generated. Players could easily create and form their own NFTs, in addition to the avatars, games involved using VoxEdit, virtual goods and also the Game Maker. Virtual goods could be easily interacted with other players cause of Sandbox, and alongwith this they could also monetise these NFTs by conducting trading on Sandbox marketplace.


This is indeed a user friendly software for artists and players for creating,animating and rig their voxel based NFTs. Where Voxels are 3D square pixels which look similar to Legoblocks. They could be faster edited on VoxEdit for forming various shapes. For instance, users are liable of creating avatar based equipment as clothing or weapons, or designing animals, game tools, greenery and goods to be used in The Sandbox. Such virtual goods are then exported and further traded on the marketplace of Sandbox as NFTs .

Game Maker

This helps in building and testing the users unique 3D games within Sandbox metaverse. This is indeed very easy program which is not having any requirement of coding knowledge to be used. Various objects and elements could thereby be designed and organised by the users, involving the NFTs created with VoxEdit, in an environment named as LAND. For example, they could edit terrain, place buildings and characters and even curate quests from the community-made resource library. They could even share their creations with the community of Sandbox.

Marketplace Of Sandbox

This was launched in April 2021, this marketplace is an NFT for its users to trade in-game assets (ASSETS) with SAND, native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox. Assets so gained could be established in LAND with the use of Game Maker for making of different games. These NFTs could be buildings, wearables, entities and much more, each could be used with the aid of Sandbox.
Sandbox uses various different tokens in its ecosystem for players for interacting with platform, involving LAND, SAND and ASSETS.

About Sandbox

Sandbox (SAND) is the native token of Sandbox and is recognised as ERC-20 token with collective supply of 3billion SAND. Being a utility token, SAND is utilised in performing any sort of transaction and interaction within Sandbox ecosystem. So the players are required to own SAND for playing the game, customising their avatars, purchasing LANDs or even trade ASSETS on marketplace of Sandbox.

It is also governance token. Even the SAND holders could vote on the changes so as to base via Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure. Also holders could stake SAND within game for earning rewards, involving a share in revenue from every transactions in SAND tokens. Specifically and essentially, staking SAND could raise their chance of finding precious GEMs and CATALSTs, game resources required so as to generate ASSETS with having higher rare ratio. SAND could be acquired by way of playing various games and contests in The Sandbox or purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges as Binance.


ASSETS are basically user made NFTs. Actually these are voxel assets which are generated with VoxEdit, and then uploaded to The Marketplace of Sandbox and then simultaneously converted in NFTs for sale. Through various ways ASSETS could be used in game and could be environment friendly as a moving animal, a building, or even a car. They could be attached to avatars as weapons or clothes. Creation of games on Game Maker, for such holders, ASSETS could be designed for giving different gaming experiences.

About Land

The meaning of LAND should also be clear while talking about the concept of SAND. As LAND is a digital piece of real estate in Sandbox base. It’s having different token, being recognised as ERC -721 on Ethereum blockchain. Players could purchase LANDs for building their own games on it with ASSETS making use of the tool, known as Game Maker. Also multiple LANDs could be combined for forming an ESTATE, having the largest size as 24*24.

Players are also allowed for monetising their gaming experience by LAND. For instance, they could easily charge for other players visit in their LAND or even playing their games, earning rewards in SAND, thereby hosting content and events or even renting or selling their customised LAND.

Sandbox is holding around 166,464 LANDs, which could be purchased via SAND and Ether (ETH) via public LAND sales. A list of confirmed public sales could be found, alongwith the dates in the Sandbox gitbook. LAND could be bought alternatively from other users on The Sandbox Marketplace and on NFT bases as OpenSea, being more expensive than those public sales which are official.


Therefore we can say that Sandbox is a user based content platform which allows users for creating and contributing to metaverse as other famous play-to-earn games. Even predetermined gaming world is not their with the Sandbox as it is, with other famous play-to-earn games. Even with Sandbox, users tend to enjoy flexibility in customising each and every thing with free to use tools.

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