Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022

Cryptocurrencies have been accepted widely by the individuals of the nation as investments and mode of payment in same, thereby leading to an increased demand for such digital currencies. There is shortage of words to describe the popularity and recognition of cryptocurrency market in such short span of time.

But still as market is market, so fluctuations are attached with crypto market as well and predictions follow that maximum of the coins would come down, but still according to our team of researchers and crypto analysts in cooperation with the CEO of California Movers USA– the local and long distance Moving Company Anton Galushko attempted to answer this question. They have gone through the crypto market and have agreed on 10 cryptocurrencies which could prove to beBest cryptocurrency to invest in 2022

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin being the most popular coin in the crypto world, is widely accepted by various trading base and crypto exchanges prove the popularity of this crypto coin. Such a market capture by this coin is with it with its launch and so it could easily be predicted that it would be at similar position in upcoming days. Also with its overall up trending price action, Bitcoin has proved its ability of recovering from the setbacks. Even it has survived the bans by national governments and managed criticism from both political class and banking industry. The best part of BTC is that it always recovers and proves its ability of recovering from setbacks and so reliable as long term investment. Not only this, it also addresses a real and urgent global problem of inflation. Even few of the optimists are of the view that BTC is going to go ahead of $1Million by 2030.

Ethereum (ETH)

 Being at the second position uptill now in the cryptocurrency world, Ethereum had shoot up by 800% in the last year and this has made the traders astonished and attracted towards this coin and had played a vital role in enlarging decentralised finance (DeFi). Ethereum is so capturing maximum market of crypto coins, thereby generating possibility of its growth in the upcoming year as well. From the dApps to Defi apps, NFTs to Meme currencies and Decentralised exchanges to Web3 apps/programs. It has effectively turned into the de facto internet of blockchains.

Also few of the crypto analysts are of the view that ETH would overtake Bitcoin as most valuable Cryptocurrency. The level of development taking place on the Ethereum network is going to make it more popular as the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, which is famous as Merge. It’s growth is also possible with the aid of Ethereum protocols and with the aid of all this, Ethereum is going to flourish further. Therefore, it is a corrective decision of considering it as Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is the most famous metaverse project and is a virtual world blueprint, thereby promoting the creation of metaverse projects and such sort of crypto virtual world niche is yet work in progress. Bigger brands as JP Morgan, Coca-Cola, Dominos, Nike, and Samsung have purchased the pieces of virtual plots on the Decentraland and the Metaverse is having 800K + registered users and has recorded an average of 300K plus different visitors monthly. Therefore, these brands explain their confidence level in Decentraland’s future. These reasons give more assurance of Decentraland being one of the best long term investment for 2022.

Binance Coin (BNB)

This coin has again made its place in the crypto world by increasing its value instantly last year and being popular as being one of the fastest-growing and mostly innovated blockchain ecosystem– Binance Smart Chain. Its a smart contract network and is amongst the Ethereum’s fiercest competitor. Although it started in late 2017, it has brought itself as fifth valuable crypto technology, thereby making it new smart contract blockchain network.

Also its launch with Binance, being the leader in cryptocurrency exchange and trading base, so such a cryptocurrency has made its growth gradually. Unique developments linked with Binance Coin has made it reach in the top list, thereby increasing its value and it’s well known that such a trend will continue for many more years, so with these reasons crypto, can surely prove to be best long term cryptocurrency investment for 2022.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of the fastest growing smart contract and this has perhaps been for 2 years within this period, it’s popularity and user base is being surged and the developer activity on the network is shooted up, its token prices have gone up by above 13000X. Till now it has not shown any symptoms of slowing down on its goal of overthrowing EthereumSolana is having its goal to prove its sustainability of its blockchain and prove a sustainable future as well. This is why it should be added for long term investment crypto token for near future. As not only this, it allows the developers for creation and launching of Web3 apps and programs and being a home to various dApps and DeFi protocols.

Uniswap (UNI)

As Uniswap is the largest, most famous and valuable decentralised exchange and it’s the third most valuable DeFi technology with above $7 Billion in total value as per the Defi pulse. It’s protocol had premiered in late 2018 but UNI token was launched in 2020 and had gone ahead for providing Uniswap with $3.5 Billion market cap. There is a certain belief in its future cause of its silent but rising privacy concerns among the crypto traders and investors. Not only this, but the government involvement in crypto space is expected to provide information to mass migration from regulated centralised exchanges to DEXs as Uniswap. These are the reasons why UNISWAP is considered to be future safe long term crypto investments.

Maker (MKR)

This is the largest and the best valued decentralised Finance base as per DeFi pulse. It is holding above $9billion worth of crypto in total value. Here higher interest on coins could be saved and earned and could pay compitive interest on crypto loan via an easy and straightforward process. It gives actin based solution to the ills which are staring at the global finance industry, in specific bureaucracy, over regulation, inflation and negative interest rates. These challenges facing the banking industry say that various institutions and individuals flee to MakerDAO would rise without any hault. Therefore, suitable for long-term crypto investments.


This coin had made its position and fame in the crypto world cause of its low energy levels when compared with the energy levels consumed by Bitcoin network and the mining process. Being popular as largest smart contract base and is one of the fastest growing blockchain technology and is one of the most safer blockchain. The demand of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day as people are considering it as mode of payment and making investments accordingly, thereby making an increase in demand of digital currencies.

This would lead to generate 10 potential cryptocurrencies for becoming the crypto king in 2022 where Cardano, could become the best cryptocurrency for investments in 2022 in long term, cause of its main feature of consuming low energy.

Cosmos (ATOM)

 Another big cryptocurrency in the coming year could be this, cause of it’s clear goal of connection of each blockchain network and creation of internet of blockchains. As coming with the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (ICP), COSMOS tends to solve the blockchain interoperability issue. Also, the developers of Cosmos have focused theirselves on a mission to demystify crypto technology for making it possible for anyone to create and understand dApps. Therefore, expected rise in price of this coin is estimated in the years ahead and could be considered best as long-term cryptocurrency investment.

Polygon (MATIC)

This is one of the popular and successful Layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum and makes it possible for the developers to make and allot various sorts of highly flexible and scalable crypto apps and programs and all this is attainable by integrating various rollup chains and crypto technology creation infra to its protocol. Therefore, it is featured amongst the best long-term investments for 2022 as its developers are assured that MATIC is going to survive the Ethereum’s 2.0 upgrade.

Decision Of Purchasing The Best Long Term Crypto Investment Currently

In case you are just initiating with the crypto investments or are trying to add to your portfolio then you can use any of the following crypto exchanges:

  • eToro– It’s is best for the starters as it is having a user friendly trading base, transparent fee structure and social trading tools.
  • Coinbase– Perfect place for purchasing of crypto instantly, user-friendly interface and liquidity.
  • Binance– Perfect base for buying of crypto at lowest transaction fees, it is also purely liquid and features large range of cryptocurrencies and pairs of trading.

Way of purchasing the best long term Crypto Investment On eToro
In case you are searching to initiate investing in any of the best long-term cryptos with the aid of eToro trading base then follow the following:

Step 1: Registering Crypto Trader Account

Open official eToro website and then after click on “Join Now” icon on the home page. Try completing the registration form which pops up by entering basic personal information as your name, country of residence, income sources, email address and online trading experiences.

Step 2: Identity Verification

Multi-regulated crypto exchange would demand from you to identify your identity. It could be a easy copy of your government-issued identity document as passport,driver’s license or I.D.

Step3: Funds Deposit

Login into your approved eToro trading account and thereafter tap on the “Deposit” icon on dashboard. Funding tab is going to appear with showing you the list of payment options available to you. Choose one of them and follow prompts for funding of your account. But one thing to remember is having minimum deposit amount as $10 for UK and US.

Step 4: Searching for crypto

On the user dashboard, you have to click on “Discover “ button and from list of asset class being supported by eToro and then finally choosing crypto.

Step 5: Buying Long term crypto

You have to finally click on the ‘Buy’ option, where a trading menu would appear, which would be used for customising the trade by indicating the number of tokens which you are thinking of buying or the amount of Fiat cash which you are thinking of invest in the cryptocurrency. Now click on the “ Open Trade” menu for accomplishing the transaction.


This article is going to help you in acknowledging the best long-term crypto investment for 2022 as we have covered every aspect of the analysts and developers of the coin about running of the particular crypto coins in long term effectively and the factors which are going to help you in choosing the best crypto for long term.


Q-1. Where one can purchase the best long term crypto investment?

This article you can easily find the three best places to purchase cryptocurrencies in 2022. You can register with any of them and move ahead by investing in cryptocurrencies further.

Q-2. Which crypto can be held for long run?

In this article there is in-detail analysis of 10 best cryptos which could be used for investing in long run. The reasons are also clarified about why they should be used as long-term investment.

Q-3. Wether crypto is valuable for investments in long-run?

The answer is YES, crypto is valuable for investing in long-run as they are expected for sustaining their positive site. They are having a valid history of stellar performance, being the best performing asset class from past many years.

Q-4. How one can choose the best long-run crypto investment?

One can effectively take such factors as its early all-time high, its rebound speed, the sustainability of blockchain technology and its uniqueness.

Q-5. What could be the worth of Bitcoin in long-run?

The crypto analysts, traders and the Fintech experts as Cathie Wood- the CEO of ARK invest- are confident enough that the Bitcoin prices could rally by above 3300% to reach $1 Million by 2030.

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