Bitcoin Wallet Generating Interest

Investors attention is gained by Crypto exchange by means of providing interest in their Bitcoin wallet as they would be getting from their savings bank account. This innovative way has dragged many investors to trade in Bitcoin wallet.
So as to earn interest as one earns with the fixed deposits of bank, ZebPay has made decision for paying interest on cryptos. This attempt has allowed investors to keep currencies in their wallet so as to earn interest on the same.
ZebPay had announced new feature as ZebPayEarn so that the investors are thereby benefited by earning returns on their cryptocurrencies which are with them currently and which are in their wallet. So the company has thereby proclaimed to be the initiator of such exchange in India which is offering this unique feature to its prospective investors.

ZebPay Earn

Returns are thereby earned on balance of the investors wallet as ZebPayEarn would be supporting earnings on various cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin(BTC), Ether (ETH), Tether(USDT), Binance Coin(BNB), and Dai (DAI) as well.
Daily essential balance which is left in the investors wallet as on 5:30 AM would be accountable for calculation of returns for investors. Such earnings would be done on monthly basis and those monthly earnings would be credited to the investors by the 7th of following month, according to the company.
Where the smallest unit of Bitcoin (Satoshi) is equal to the tokens 100Million and on the earnings scale, Satoshi would be the minimum earning to be paid per coin.

ZebPay Policy

ZebPay is focused on encouraging its users for long term investments in Crypto so that they are able to get adequate returns. As investors would be involved in earning returns on their balance too so they are inspired to not even hold cryptocurrencies but also go along with its trading. ZebPay is aimed at benefiting its customers in not only one way but through various ways, till their cryptocurrencies are lying in their wallets.
The company further says that their would be a clear list of coins on which investors would be able to earn interest and their earnings as well, only on signing in their account, they would be able to see such list. Whether DogecoinBitcoinEther or any other coin which are covered in their list for gaining returns to their investors only that list would be shown.

But the only point which is to be taken care of while gaining the benefits which company is about to give is to have an updated KYC on registering with the company to gain returns through ZebPay Earn. I consider ZebPay to be beneficial for cryptocurrency holders in genuine manner. 

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