Burger King Is Upto Providing Cryptocurrency With It’s Items

As McDonald’sBurger King has also moved towards providing cryptocurrency with its items. Both are big fast food chains running all over the globe, have entered the cryptocurrency market as mode of promotion of their company’s app. To this, in their latest news, the company has mentioned that people joining their Royal Perks Loyalty Programme and involved in spending at least $5 using their app are eligible for winning BitcoinDogecoin or Ethereum. Company has also specified that after ordering one should also receive an email from Burger King featuring a link as well and afterwards follow instructions for claiming crypto. But such an offer is open only for US residents. Such a fast food chain is partnered with online brokerage firm Robinhood for providing such digital currencies to prospective winners. They have therefore mentioned that they would provide 20 Bitcoins, 200 Ethereum and 2 million dogecoins. In lieu of all this, one has to open an account with Robinhood through the company’s app and such an offer is valid till November 21.

Burger King’s Opinion

The company mentioned that they are always in search of ways to reward their most loyal guests with exclusive offers which are unique, exciting and culturally valid. Cryptocurrency has being in limelight recently, but the company said that they were aware of the fact that it could be difficult in understanding and this is the reason why they have introduced crypto to their guests in a manner which is accessible and digestible ( figuratively) by way of their food.

McDonald’s Way Of Providing NON- FUNGIBLE Token

McDonald’s have converted their item McRib into an NFT, few days back and they would be provided to 10 winners who are chosen as part of their sweepstakes. To this, they have specified that their McRib NFTs are the digital versions of fan favourite sandwich which is as saucy as the McRib and this offer is being provided to few of their lucky fans on Twitter with start of November 1. Such an offering is introduced on occasion of 40th anniversary of McRib.


With the advent of NFT in beverages, a liquor company had sold its NFTs and resulted in big hit. Where Glenfiddich Whisky had sold 15 bottles of rare whisky which we’re having value of 13.5 lakh each, with NFTs. As per PR News Wire ( brand partnered with BlockBar), which is a non- fungible token (NFT) for launching series of 15 limited edition liquor NFTs. Such tokens alongwith allowing buyers for showing off their whisky purchases, also tend to represent as proof of ownership, where the bottles were sold within fraction of seconds with such an offer.

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