CoinSwitch Kuber Review 2022

Recently global crypto market has seen rise and with most of the users entering the circuit for trading with crypto, thereby selecting the best trading base, is a bit challenging. Market is having a bulk of cryptocurrency exchanges who offer various services to cater a user base. CoinSwitch Kuber tends to be in their position, amongst the lot. Where, the Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange had started in 2017 and at present, is having its place over 7.5 million users. It tends to provide, 100+ cryptos in safe and user friendly way. Where India is still on wait to have its crypto boom, but it is still having a wide customer base in the region. Even the basic motive behind is the exchanges easy registration process and support for payment methods as UPI and compatibility with Fiat currency. In addition to this, such a base uses different approach for helping its users to grab the top most trading opportunities. As other bases, CoinSwitchKuber tends to give its best trade.

Official Website
Found in2017
Native TokenNone
Listed Cryptocurrency100+
Trading PairsN/A
Supported Fiat CurrenciesINR
Supported CountriesIndia
Minimum Deposit100 Rs
Deposit FeesFree
Transaction Fees0% to 0.5%
Withdrawal FeesFree
Customer SupportYes via Mail, FAQs, and Submit Form Support

About CoinSwitchKuber

CoinSwitchKuber is famous crypto exchange which is having its base in India. It started in 2017 and now it is the king of 7.5 million traders. This base offers 100+ cryptocurrencies with famous names as BitcoinEthereum, Matic, Dogecoin and more. Such an exchange is linked with various crypto wallets and exchange services. The easy registration and KYC process give permission to the beginners for starting up at rapid pace. In case, the users have accomplished the KYC/AML verification, then in such a case, they are going to have the best trading rates and exchanges. Also cause of it’s no deposit and the policy of withdrawal fees, most of the traders take it as the best trading base.

Beginning Of CoinSwitchKuber

The founders of CoinSwitchKuber are Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni and Vimal Sagar Tiwari and they founded it in 2017. Before initiating the exchange, they were together for 13 years and CoinSwitchKuber market introduction was cause RBI had uplifted the ban on cryptocurrencies and as well on different digital assets. But after 3 years, CoinSwitchKuber had made up a decision of bringing the Indian-exclusive crypto trading base, which supportive of INR (Indian Rupee). Therefore, it had made its place in the Indian crypto section in June 2020. But, now the base take too much pride over 300 million dollars per month in trades.

How Working Of CoinSwitchKuber Is Made?

The functioning of CoinSwitchKuber is as a normal crypto exchange in various parts. The base, so give permission to its traders for trading the digital currencies and thereby allow the users of making the deposits by way of INR (Indian Fiat Currency), having minimum amount as Rs. 100. Apart from competition, it also makes a mark in the crypto world through its unique approach. The base is not going to make its liquidity, rather it tends to connect the traders to various exchanges. It tends to help in finding the ideal exchange rate and opportunities.

Qualities Of CoinSwitchKuber

The qualities of CoinSwitchKuber are going to make this clear, why users are running after using the same. Here are the following features given by CoinSwitchKuber:

  • Instant Trading: This base tends to give acceptance to its customers for instantly buying and selling and trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies in a row.
  • Minimal Initial Deposit: The initial deposit amount on the base is ₹100 and so it allows its beginners to understand the market of cryptocurrency with no risk of huge fundings.
  • No Brokerage: CoinSwitchKuber follows the Zero brokerage policy and thereby helps its customers to purchase and sell their favourite crypto with no hidden charges.
  • Beneficial Rates: Ensuring that each customer attains the best rates and connects them with various platforms as well.
  • No Lock-In Restrictions: As other popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India, CoinSwitchKuber also allows its traders for withdrawing their earnings instantly. Also it’s no Lock-in period feature tends to make the exchange a famous choice amongst its traders.
  • Simple KYC and AMLCoinSwitchKuber’s KYC and AML verification are simple and quick, resultant they aid in customers experience premium trading features at a rapid pace. Such a verification process makes exchange safe.
  • Multi-Payment Compatibility: The base is specifically designed for particular areas and supports multiple payment methods. Users tend to opt from options as UI, bank transfers, IMPS and NEFT for investing funds.
  • Rich Customer Service: The CoinSwitchKuber website tends to give live chat option for resolving the issues of the customers instantly. Also, it’s simple support ticket system tends to solve the customer concern easily.
  • Reward System: Coupon-based reward system exists, which tends to unlock after accomplishing goal. For example, there is a reward coupon so as to verify the account.
  • Referral Program: Users tend to earn 50 Rupees value of Bitcoin after effectively referring new customer. For joining the referral program, customers could finish the KYC verification

Effects And SideEffects Of CoinSwitchKuber

Neither of the review of CoinSwitchKuber is final without its advantages and disadvantages. The trading base tends to come with various benefits alongwith it, thereby making it famous option among newbies and traders who are having much experience. The advantages of it involve:

  • It is having user-friendly interface, which is beneficial for starters.
  • It is having precise KYC completion procedure.
  • It is supportive of instant INR deposits and withdrawals as well.
  • IMPS bank deposits, NEFT and UPI are well supported.
  • It is not applying any sort of transaction limit, till there is any specific requirement.
  • Also it’s mobile app is rated 3.5 out of 5 on PlayStore.
  • Lower trading fees of 0 to 0.5%
  • It is beneficial for the user as it could make them earn 50 Rupees worth of Bitcoin, thereby referring to new customer.
  • It’s disadvantages hold the following:
  • For starting up, KYC is essential.
  • It’s limitation for Indian residents only.
  • Supporting one Fiat currency and that is INR.
  • Here debit and credit cards aren’t supported.
  • Does not imply any tools for quality day trading.

Ways Of Starting With CoinSwitch

CoinSwitchKuber is amongst the minorities which give priority to mobile app trading. This base offers Android and iOS apps for aiding the users to trade their most liked cryptos. Also to start with, customers should download the app and create an account. Here are the following steps for account creation:

  • Either launch it from Google Play Store or go to CoinSwitchKuber’s official website.
  • Enter accurate mobile number for attaining the download link, on the website. Search for the app and then click install on the Play Store.
  • Then wait till the app is being installed.
  • Finally open the app and thereafter register the mobile number.
  • Thereafter enter the OTP which is received on the number.
  • Then set a 4-digit PIN which is easy for remembering ahead.
  • Re-enter the PIN for confirming the same.
  • Finally the process is complete and account is created thereafter.

Login Of Account

The process of login for exchange is easy and customers hardly require to put their registered email ID or phone number on the app. Users could then initiate trading after putting in the PIN or generating an OTP. The traders to be in lane, must complete the KYC verification before depositing funds.

Verification Process Of KYC

The exchange requires the following documents and information for completion of the ID verification process; as user’s name, date of birth and email address. Also scanned or printed copy of PAN Card, alongwith a scanned copy of Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhar Card.
The IDs have to have the right information of the applicant, where driving license isn’t applicable for verifying process. The following are the steps which complete the verification process:

  • The very first step involves launching of the app and thereafter opening the settings tab.
  • Select User verification and then choose Basic verification.
  • Right after this you need to fill in details as Name, email, DOB and address.
  • After that enter the OTP which is so received in email.
  • On the verification page of PAN, give allowance to the for accessing the camera of the device.
  • Next step would be to click a photo and then press the submit button.
  • Thereafter wait for the photo verification.
  • Select the document for commencing to the next stage.
  • Picture has to be clicked then and has to be submitted on page thereafter.
  • Now wait for the picture verification.

CoinSwitch Fee Structure

Each CoinSwitchKuber base review should provide its fee structure for informing its users. Most off crypto exchanges charge three sorts of fees as:
1. Deposit Fee
2. Trading Fee
3. Withdrawal Fee

It entirely nullifies the consensus by not charging any withdrawal or deposit fees. Also any sort of trading fees is not charged as well for initial 100 days. Also after the tenure is complete, users should pay the CoinSwitchKuber charges of 0% to 0.5%. After this, the rate differs depending on the exchange chosen for particular transaction. No doubt, the fees are still competitive and gives base a priority over its competitors.

Trading On This Exchange

For initiating trading on CoinSwitchKuber, users should first complete the KYC verification process and thereafter they should deposit funds on the base. There isn’t any maximum or minimum limit of transaction on the exchange. Minimum deposit amount is there for the coverage of network fees. The following steps should be followed for the deposit money on CoinSwitchKuber:

  •  Start with launching the mobile app.
  • After that Browse the Deposit INR option and then tap the same.
  • Enter the amount desired by you, where the minimum deposit limit is 100Rs.
  • Tap the deposit option then.
  • Choosing payment method option between direct bank transfer through NEFT, RTGS or IMPS or UPI.
  • Complete the transaction process by choosing the preferred UPI app.
  • Fund the account before completion of transaction, in case of direct bank deposit.

Users could start purchasing the cryptocurrencies, once deposits are done. As withdrawal and deposit, there is choice of placing limit orders. But for placing the order, traders are required to fill the quantity and price for buying and selling the cryptocurrency and all this they have to do for placing the order. In case crypto reaches the price, exchange is going to continue the trade.

Buying Cryptocurrency On The Exchange

The step-by-step procedure of purchasing cryptos on CoinSwitchKuber is as follows:

  • The mobile app is ready for trading of crypto, go towards the bottom menu.
  • Choose Market option thereafter.
  • After going across the list of cryptos, choose the liked one.
  • Tap on Buy option, which is on the left side.
  • Users are required to fill in the amount for purchasing of crypto.
  • Thereafter click Preview Buy option.
  • Verify the transaction details and then click on Buy.
  • The transaction is finally complete and it is going to transfer the digital assets to portfolio.

Purchase Of Crypto With Credit Card

Maximum of crypto exchanges are offering credit card support these days. As it’s not valid with exchange, some of the CoinSwitchKuber reviews tend to reduce its usability. This exchange tends to offer various famous payment methods as UPI, IMPS, and NEFT. These options are more famous in India, which gives CoinSwitchKuber the permission for maintaining its relevance amongst the traders.

CoinSwitchKuber Exchange Rate

CoinSwitchKuber builds different market prestige cause of its trading approach. Generally, cryptocurrency exchanges give liquidity on the base and thereafter decide the exchange rate. The CoinSwitchKuber tends to make connectivity amongst the traders for multiplying the trading bases.
Customers are also allowed to gain multiple trading rates and then make a choice amongst these rates.

The Supported Countries and Cryptocurrencies

The country support and cryptocurrency is different area of expertise for CoinSwitchKuber. No doubt, it is there only in India, it therefore provide allowance to the exchange to fulfil need of particular area. In addition to this, it also offers 100 plus cryptocurrencies which feature both upcoming and famous tokens. Following are few cryptocurrencies which are offered on exchange:

1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
4. Dash
5. Dogecoin
6. Litecoin
7. Ethereum Cash
8. Melon
9. Komodo
10. Ripple
11. EOS
12. Basic Attention Token
13. Tether
14. VeChain
15. Stellar Lumens
16. Decentraland

Customer Support From CoinSwitchKuber

Each modern exchange which is crypto based, should speak much about the responsive customer support for going with the competition. CoinSwitchKuber does such support by proudly offering FAQs section for helping its users. In addition, the base give allowance to its customers for generating the tickets for any sort of problem. Where, the service team of the customer try to solve the issues with keeping the user notified at rapid pace. Also live chat option is also provided between 7 am and 10pm. Users, if required could contact the team via email at where,usual response time for the email is 12 hours.


As CoinSwitchKuber is an Indian crypto exchange which offers 100+ cryptocurrencies and its base comprises of 4+ years of market experience and is taken as the very famous Indian exchange. It boosts on the basis of fee as it doesn’t require any withdrawal or deposit fee. Also no charges are levied on the purchase and selling of crypto and such a crypto exchange base keeps itself aloof from its trading functions, where multiple exchanges are connected for providing the best trade rate for its users. The fast KYC verification and various payment method support, is an add on to its functionality. Also, the exchange offer earning opportunity with the help of its reward and referral system. Cause of it’s esteemed customer service, the reviews on the exchange make it more worthwhile for its upcoming traders.

Facts About CoinSwitchKuber

Trustworthiness Of CoinSwitchKuber

CoinSwitchKuber is a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange and is there since 2017 and tend to provide a dedicated base for Indian traders. Also it promotes for making compulsory “know-your-customer” verification for ensuring maximum security.

Question on CoinSwitchKuber being free or not

The answer would be Yes it offers free of cost services for maximum procedures. Any sort of deposit or withdrawal fees is not changed and there is no trading fee as well for initial 100 days and once the time period expires then there is minimum trading fee of 0% to 0.5.

Owner of CoinSwitchKuber

As we all are aware that it is a crypto exchange and it is operated by the team of CoinSwitchKuber, where it’s parent company started off in 2017 and it’s India exclusive base was thereby brought up in June 2020.

Safety Of CoinSwitchKuber in India?

 It’s a big YES in concern with its safety as the exchange does comply with ISO 27001 requirements and posses the SOC2 Type II certification. With one basic issue of it having non-regulatory nature, still it has not faced any major security issue.

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