Contribution Of Six Crypto Tokens In Metaverse

Purchasing real estate in Metaverse contributes to six crypto tokens and as Metaverse is the digital cyber world technology, where man is having virtual reality VR Google play AR augmented reality game and entertainment and wore a lifestyle which is futuristic. Therefore, virtual real estate or land in metaverse is being sold in non -fungible tokens form and its being growing at large. Although one is able to go through these properties physically but the charm of such investments exits in these assets which are supported by forgery proof certificates which are so stored on the blockchain network.
This manner has attracted those who are already searching newer ways for investing in real estate. The population involved in investing in real estate is ready to spend six figures on them, with such a trust that they could bet to make fortune from the same. Where few of the population are doubting that it might have triple digit growth in the coming 16 months.

About Virtual Real Estate

The Virtual real estate is not exactly newer concept, where the very first company getting into this was Metaverse Group, operating virtual ‘Decentraland’ base. Also since, Facebook has rebranded itself to Meta, this idea has earned tremendous interest. Investors have reacted to this, by speculating effect on many of the metaverse games and also on their particular crypto tokens.
The famous properties in NFT based world are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Decentraland. Also the corresponding cryptocurrency prices of these projects have shooted up too, having Decentraland’s MANA token to a higher of 4,258% by the last year. The Google results have also shown that the search volumes for these terms have raised in just a short span, having public interest in the same to go to a hike in latest months.

Sale Of Virtual Land

With the start of December, sales of virtual land had shooted up by around $105 million for only four metaverse projects, as per DappRadar. Amongst the gaming platform, Sandbox had over ruled the same with $86.56 million in NFT sales, where Decentraland had taken the second place. In addition to this, the decision of choosing the correct metaverse token for purchasing entirely depends on the base one desires to explore. Every virtual world is having its own different token, thereby allowing its users for making purchase of digital land.
Inorder to access the metaverse, one would be asked for setting up a crypto wallet so as to manage his/her digital assets. This aids in converting flat money into cryptocurrency by way of online payment system. Such tokens could be easily found on famous crypto exchanges involving Coinbase, Binance, and Gemini, thereby going through straight forward process.

Famous Tokens To Be Used For Purchasing A Plot Of Land In Metaverse

Ether : ETH

YTD Returns: 401%
Market Cap: $448 billion

Axie Infinity: AXS

YTD Returns: 18,016%
Market Cap: $6.5 billion

Sandbox : SAND

YTD Returns: 16,853%
Market Cap: $5.6 billion

Decentraland : MANA

 YTD Returns: 4,219%
Market Cap: $4.4 billion

Gala: GALA

YTD Returns: 28,477%
Market Cap: $3.5 billion

Enjin Coin: ENJ

YTD Returns: 1,971%
Market Cap: $2.5 billion

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