Cryptocurrency Baby Doge

Baby Doge as the name suggests is a new cryptocurrency which has significantly raise under influence of Elon Musk in the exchange market by his recent tweet on Baby Doge. After which it’s price got doubled.
Before investing in Baby Doge one should be aware of its place in cryptocurrency market.

About Baby Doge

It’s the meme Cryptocurrency which is result of Doge coin. Due to the tweet of Elon Musk; Baby Doge has gained popularity on Twitter which was few weeks ago not known to many. Where Shiba Inu Dog is the symbol of Doge coin tokens and Shiba Inu is individually a cryptocurrency which is trending as Baby Doge is using the same as symbol on its tokens.
A message blinks on nearly a month old cryptocurrencyBaby Doge that credit goes to members and fans of Doge coin online community in its growth. In addition to this Baby Doge is holding another significant feature which aids the investors to subsequently add more coins to the wallet with each transaction and that feature is its smart integrated staking system. When there is comparison made between Doge coin and Shiba Inu coins, Baby Doge is capturing the market fast, having around US $0.2 Billion of market cap. Now this is good for new cryptocurrency to make its value in currency market.

Investment in Baby Doge

Baby Doge having price hike in exchange market is considered worthy of investments for investors. It is such Cryptocurrency which levies transaction fee so as to incentivize investments. On each trading with Baby Doge Coin, 10% fee would be imposed. Where 5% is distributed to every investor dealing with trading of Baby Doge and the other 5% gots splits so as to get liquidity pool with Binance coin.
So investing in Baby Doge is being rewarded on holding its stake and losing 10% on selling the same.
Baby Doge is having low price but large supply, where before investing one should be aware of such fact too. Although price had increased remarkably in last few weeks. Baby Doge is having certain aims to add on to its popularity and those are to offer credit card Crypto payments, being on the list of cryptocurrency exchanges, for rewarding and tracking rewards- wallet to be created, also launching Baby Doge Swap as decentralised Crypto swap and last but not the least initialising market place for NFT.
In concern with such aims if there is short term hike in exchange market of Baby Doge then one could leave investing in it. As everyone is aware that Cryptocurrency market is speculative so before starting investments in this market, searching to invest in Baby Doge would lead to hike but apart from this, it’s not having any practical use. 

Baby Doge performance in the cryptocurrency market is speculative as the currency market itself is speculative and so does is Elon Musk’s decision. It would be amazing for the investors if in upcoming months Baby Doge’s hike would go beyond the value of Doge coin.

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