Cryptocurrency Payments To Be Accepted Again By Tesla

Reopening crypto payments was not announced by Tesla but mentioned by SEC filing, where Tesla is the second largest corporate holder of Bitcoin in the world. Payments would be accepted by Tesla in cryptocurrency again and this was so sensed in the third quarterly report filling with US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Till May in the starting of this year, Tesla allowed Bitcoin payments for select product and services. In addition to this, Tesla CEO in May ( Elon Musk) had asked his Twitter followers about wether the electric car company to start off accepting payments in Dogecoin. But further in May only, the practice of accepting cryptocurrency had been stopped.
But in filing by the valued brand EV that it can, in near future again start the practice of transacting in cryptocurrencies for its products and services.
But till now, picture is not clear about when Tesla would accept payments in Bitcoin in future.

About Tesla

Company is having value of around $1.01 trillion ( estimated to Rs. 74,96,251 crore) had made affirmations with US Government about its purchase of say $1.5 billion ( around Rs. 11,244 Crore) value of Bitcoins in nine months closing September of this year.
Musk in lieu of all this, has been a big supporter of cryptocurrencies and the company had also stressed on the fact that crypto coins are feasible option which could be chosen in spite of cash.

EV Cmpany SEC Filing

The company mentioned that, it had a belief in long term running of the digital assets in both ways as investments and as liquid alternative to cash.
To this, the second largest corporate holder of Bitcoin, Tesla, mentioned by CoinDexLab. Also Musk had also mentioned about the EV Company ownership of around BTC 42,069 and also Musk had vocally supported crypto movement, which made many investors attracted towards such a coin.

Elon Musk Say

With the start of last month, Musk was of the saying that destruction of cryptocurrencies is not possible cause there is a need of immediate global expansion as per area.
Musk had also mentioned earlier about his companies being more open for crypto payments when dependency of cryptocurrency mining shifts are based on renewable energy.
Even Blanket Ban was imposed by China on crypto activities and the basic concerns of concern of China include heavy energy consumption, impact of environment and carbon footprint of Bitcoin and altcoin mining as well.

Therefore Elon Musk, Tesla CEO had become a great influencer in the world of crypto coins. As the coins which he tweeted became popular for the investors who made their earnings through crypto coins for long.

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