Different Crypto Lending Platforms


Interests are calculated daily and monthly paid, wherein Bitcoin one could earn approx 7.5 percent by having a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) alongwith it. Minimum balance requirement is not necessary with this account and even there are no hidden charges. As for instance if, BIA BTC balance is between 0.5 and 1 BTC by the end of April the you would earn interest. Minimum balance would be lowered in the near future in BlockFi, whereby any individual having an account with BlockFi won’t sell their crypto for generating funds. As it allows one to take loan even by maintaining their crypto.


Borrowing against Crypto assets without even selling them, is one specific feature with Crypto.com lending. These assets could further be used in funding any financial requirements of the individual maintaining Crypto.com, on trading with any exchange platform, even crypto.com Exchange. Loan can also be taken by the investors through LTC, BTC, XRP, USDC, VET, CRO as making these collateral, having loan to value (LTV) ratio be high by 50%. In between 12 month tenure, one could easily repay loan partly or fully.


Lending money with Bitcoin on collateral basis with could be done by using Nexo lending. Even interest here could be earned on daily basis. High tech security feature is add on with Nexo which would always assure the traders of their asset protection. Data security, analysis of risk and even cyber security are the features of Nexo on which it has gained positive results. The interest rate of cryptocurrency running from 5% to 10% on stablecoins, had been paid on daily basis.


Interest on Cryptocurrencies could be earned with this platform by the investors by way of lending cryptocurrencies to institutions. Investors could thereby earn adequate amount of interest by depositing their crypto assets in Hodlaunt account.

Celsius Network

Digital currency could be used by many with adequate benefits and flexibility as in sending money to near and dear ones, attaining loan, collecting wealth. Here benefits are given to lending account holders by having 80% of revenue of the company. Where interest is earned on monthly basis. Here minimum balance is not required and rewards are also given from time to time. Even on loans; interest rates starts with 1% APR and so investors holding lending account are benefited with earning more on their respective cryptocurrencies. Cash could be converted to Celsius in very easy manner, with earning 21.49% interest also. Investors would feel a great amount of flexibility as no charges are levied and as well no minimums are required.


Latest feature of ZebPay(ZebPay Earn)have made it easier for its investors to lend coins to the company and accordingly earn return depending on the coin and the duration of lending. Returns on investments of crypto of the prospective customers of the company could be earned by lending specific cryptos. Thereby benefits are taken by the investors by earning gains alongwith income.


 Investors trading with having CoinDCX platform could avail 16.25 % interest on yearly basis by lending USDT to CoinDCX.

So, Crypto lending and borrowing both are clear and beneficial for its users to earn profits in addition to their income on cryptocurrencies. Additional gains are therefore, earned by potential crypto holders by using any of the lending platforms.

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