What is NFT Art? Does a toddler need an NFT?

The cryptocurrencies and blockchain are revolutionary technologies, where Blockchain technology could form valid digital cooperatives which back individual ownership of digital capital, race, age or social status which does not supports. The increase of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) explain blockchain technology’s capability of bringing down the barrier of entry to services which were earlier only accessible to a few.

Before the wake of NFT Art market, many digital artists were the most hungry artists. For instance, the Marguerite de Courcelle aka coin Artist was struggling artist just before she found CryptoKitties and NFT technology.

The Coin Artist studio Blockade Games has made $333,000 from sale of NFT game assets in 2021. Where way back, a 12 year old would have difficulty in selling their art online. At present, tweens and teens are making money from NFT art market, which is unbound by pesky safeguards of old financial system.
Benyamin Ahmed by mid 2021 has sold his weird whales NFT collection for $160,000, where the 3350 entirely pixelated whale icons whose motivation was a run-off-the-mill stock image had made Ahmed a Londoner at a very early age.

Where, Ahmed was involved in NFT Art and with his dad’s (web developer) help, switched to Codewars for online coding education.

Benyamin is a toddler as most of the other Gen Z kids, which aspire to make money through tokenising their digital artwork. The NFT world as TikTok allows the young, aiding them discover and build a following at early age.

What is NFT?

The NFTs are the non fungible tokens, which are known as digital assets. They are definitely different from cryptocurrency as BitcoinBitcoin is a fungible token, which clearly relates that each Bitcoin tokens are holding the same value. You could easily send fractions of Bitcoin to a friend as well.
Bitcoin is a medium of exchange too and it’s fungibility allows it money like features of uniformity. The non fungible tokens are not divisible, so you are not allowed to spend fraction of your NFT or even a percentage to other NFT holder. The NFTs are the individual assets whose value can’t be compared and replaced by different token .

One NFT can’t be swapped for another one as they don’t hold the similar value. Like an average fungible crypto asset, the NFT developers save NFTs on blockchain networks as Ethereum network.
The NFT developers tend to save non fungible token data on blockchain networks for various different reasons. The data which is stored on decentralised blockchains is transparent, open and free. Another aspect is concerned with the data being unalterable. The fake ones can’t change your NFT value or the data being owned. The makers are going to tokenise your art thereby converting them into NFT marketplaces.

These bases are going to mint NFTs or the digital representations of work of artists. Particular art NFT is going to symbolise the value of art and its ownership. The NFTs are having a vast slot of applications ahead of art.

An individual can make NFT representations of video games, real estate, music or collectibles. For any sort of NFT token, there is rapid developing market.

Minting of NFT Art

So as to create an NFT, you require to build your “Crypto Wallet”. After this try to convert fraction of your pocket money to ETH, the native token of network of Ethereum. The ETH is going to pay for the mining cost of NFT. Immediately after all this, connect your wallet with your NFT marketplace account on OpenSea, SuperRare or Rarible. Thereafter, upload your digital art, list the same for sale. Hereby, you become an NFT art owner.

As the blockchain technology safes the art data of NFT, artists could in a way, prove the ownership of their NFTs. The public blockchain data is reachable, transparent and open, thereby aiding the NFT art initiating change to the digital art provenance system.

A unique NFT art aids the artists to prove possession of their art. Where the NFT art is similar to basic but digitised Monet. As on the other hand, each one could print a fake Monet, the original Monet paintings are unique and hold documentation which authenticates their appraisal value, creation and history.

Basically, NFT is digital artist’s proved documentation and provides the artists reproduction rights and copyrights, which aids them with selling their online art.

How a toddler can monetize their art with NFTs

By boosting up the NFT art simple to access the marketplaces

The capability to prove the digital art ownership which could aid with any sort of artists upbringing an income from their creativity. This particular artistic creativity is not so simple, as simple for monetising a functional creativity cause the value of an art piece is related.

At first the customers could be tough for getting control on and secondly, the artsy kids are going to bear tuff competition for the customers from their peers and from the adult market. Not only this, the capable customers are going to expect discounts and freebies, purchasing of art at low prices as artistic creativity is not valued by them.

To illustrate, Victor Langlois aka FEWOCiOUS or Fewo have built an empire on the SuperRare and Nifty Gateway. His fame got the attention of the art specialist at Christie’s, a Britain auction house and he had earned from that auction around $2.16 million.

With creation of their NFTs in their spare time

As the minting of the art is a digital process, the kids won’t have to catch the buyers in brick-and -mortar art galleries. They could easily get to work without any disturbance from the bureaucracy which stays the children out of the mainstream income generating activities.

Where maximum of them would go with the coding process and build a lifelong career from the same. For explaining let’s consider the experience of Carlos Gomez, known as Solace, had made her first NFT art from a taken iPad. Where Solace 18, is from Soledad, California and have sold the NFT art at high costs as $7,250 on Nifty Gateway. Where the toddlers who go for specialisation in digital art creation, could easily meet the NFT developers on freelancing base for some help, at some fee.

With the aid of earning royalties from their NFT art sales

The NFT’s are going to provide you with the copyrights to your art. By the end, you are going to both monetize and sell your art for single-time fee but would earn from it’s continuous sales. Where royalties are appropriate passive income generation tool which could make you close to 10% of every NFT art future sales.

By acceptance of payments through cryptocurrencies

The Blockchain payment is a simple value transfer process as you don’t require to open a bank account for holding your own cryptocurrencies. The toddlers just require to learn the storage of their cryptocurrency private key in a safer way offline.


The NFT art section does have various chances for the kid artists, having risks as well like cryptocurrency voltality, higher gas fee charges on Ethereum and the buyers and developers concerning scam. It has proved to be a newer market, having an unproven record of long life existence.

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