Effect of Ethereum co-founder’s donation in Cryptocurrency

As we all know uptil now from earlier articles about Ethereum that it is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency and was found in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin (Russian- Canadian programmer) and of course various other crypto business starters. In addition to this, it’s Co-founder had made its name by donating good amount of fund.
This is clear as Vitalik Buterin had donated during COVID time in the name of ‘India Covid relief fund’, a sum of round $1Billion in cryptocurrency, where around $20 Million is paid uptill now. To cash out an illiquid asset isn’t easy as government regulations have to be complied, making the money reach at correct places, all this have to be done to make fund reach appropriately, according to Sandeep Nailwal (New Delhi based entrepreneur) who was the founder of India Covid Crypto Relief Fund which received donation.

Nailwal in an interview had estimated that tokens should amount to a sum $400 million after watching the distribution of fund by Buterin as 50 Trillion Shiba Inu Coins, 5% of memecoin had provoked 50% crash in price.

Foreign Regulation Act

As local regulations take time so complying with India’s Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, the fund is converting tokens into dollars and not only dollars but to rupees too, with around completing it 80% uptil now, according to Nailwal.

Nailwal’s Contribution

Nailwal being concerned with disbursement has paid up to $20 million uptil now and has another $20million in process. He is of the approach that money should reach even to the basic level and for that Nailwal is thinking to hire an audit firm which has big name so as to be sure of transparency of the transactions entirely.
Nailwal was the one who was the founder and maker of the fund in April, when an unexpected pandemic situation occurred due to a dangerous virus in India, which resulted in uncountable deaths. He proclaimed that this fund would focus on further possible renewal. His contributions involve donations to various organisations who are into distribution of food across the country and not only this but setting up a mini- intensive care ward by application of 10 Bed ICU for the patients who were facing severe effects of COVID-19 and that to in rural India. With all these contributions, Nailwal proudly proclaimed that they were in preparation of the third wave already

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