Enhanced Buying Opportunity With Crypto: Metaverse Being The Next Big Concept

Facebook being the social media giant had taken decision in month of November to name itself as Metaverse, ‘Meta’ for short, thereby showing its inclination on Metaverse space. But before going further, let us be clear about Metaverse. It is actually a hypothesised next iteration of internet, which actually supports decentralised persistent online environments which are 3D and virtual. This is that virtual world which is reachable through virtual reality headset, smartphones, PCs, augmented reality glasses, game consoles. 

Role Of Metaverse In Crypto 

Decentraland has reachable and operational Metaverse and to start with it, one has to visit https://decentraland.org/. In addition to this, one of the famous tech giant Microsoft has also shown interest in metaverse. Lot of fundamental value is being added to every project which is working on goal of Metaverse in crypto world, which involves Decentraland and Sandbox

Effect on Bitcoin

Biggest upgradation in last 4 years is achieved by Bitcoin and is named as Taproot upgrade which has gone live as well. With the aid of such an upgrade one could find more privacy and transparency in transactions and could get smart contracts as well. 

Effect on Ethereum 

EIP – 1559 had gone live on 5th of August and had also contributed in consuming more than 4.5 billion dollars which valued Ethereum and on the other hand had brought the issuance lowered by 68% ( statistics acknowledged through Watchtheburn.com). 

Effect on Cardano

 Cardano has achieved amazing development in November, as its own decentralised exchange (DEX) Sundaeswap had mentioned about its test net launch date as 5th December. 

Further to all this, the Indian Crypto Bill which had to be postponed in the budget session had been added in the winter session. But at the time listing happened, at that time there was huge panic of the upcoming of the bill in budget session as it had its focus on banning of cryptocurrencies in India.  To this, the INR/ USDT trading had plunged as each of the investors had attempted on exiting the crypto world. But then, the crypto market had achieved marvellous recovery after the government’s proclamation about crypto won’t be banned but regulations would be made for minimising misguiding advertisements for the youth. The risk-reward ratios with current market corrections have grown excellently as prices have been traded at discounted rate, where fundamentals of top currencies are upto being stronger. Even EI Salvador is of the similar thinking on the current market corrections as it was the first country to legalise Bitcoin and was further planing to make its city the Bitcoin city. 

Crypto Cart

Top Gainers of the week were: 

  • Terra (LUNA)- 28.27%
  • Helium (HNT)- 8.78%
  • Unusual Sed Leo (LEO) – 10.86%
  • Celsius (CEL) – 8.49%
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) – 8.73%

Top Losers of the week were:

  • EOS (EOS): 14.13%
  • Internet Computer (ICP): 12.05%
  • Theta (THETA): 12.15%
  • Decred (DCR): 11.46%
  • Dash (DASH): 11.77%

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