Facts About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is the only support to cryptocurrency as it is the secure way to perform transactions while trading with crypto. With no legal framework by the government, this is the only technology which is trusted by its investors and is secure as well for them. This article is going to help you to acknowledge the basic concepts of blockchain and its benefits in simple terms.
Blockchain technology is the only technology which is used at par for making the transactions safe and valid and all have heard also about this technology at least for once in their lifetime. The decentralised ledger is also necessary for registering crypto transactions as it is responsible for making the blockchain. However, most of the investors aren’t aware about this technology and so immediately link it with cryptocurrencies. Where blockchain is having remarkable use cases alongwith it, being a vessel for the transactions of crypto. Therefore, many of blockchain’s applications and it’s basics could be entailed with this article further.

Blockchain Technology And It’s Working

The very first implementation of blockchain technology had come with the upcoming of Bitcoin. At initial stages, it was being used as decentralised ledger for recording the transactions in immutable way. Here the transactions are organised in blocks and are chained with each other by way of cryptography, and that’s the basic reason before it’s being named as “blockchain”. The Blockchain’s decentralised feature makes it unique and important. Such a ledger is being distributed to many, sometimes to millions of variable computers around the globe. Decentralisation actually defines that there is no single entity looking after the blockchain. Transactions here are made peer-to-peer with no requirement of third party for providing them with any sort of allowance.

Types Of Blockchain

Decentralisation might have different levels, with concern with asking the permission of accessing the blockchain network. These are the following blockchain forms:

  1. Public Blockchains: These types of blockchains are the ones which could be accessed by anyone, anywhere round the globe. These are not take care by single entity, are permissionless as well and depend on algorithm so as to issue new tokens. As the individuals have the hardware which is demanded, they could easily become a validator on the network. For instance, Bitcoin which is one of the famous cryptocurrency could be taken as public blockchain.
  2. Private Blockchains: Such blockchains use private network which is taken care by single entity. Whereas in public blockchain, network could be accessed by anyone , but in private blockchains permission is required by the governing body. Such blockchains are used in businesses for operational purpose.
  3. Consortium Blockchains: These blockchains are networks which are governed or taken care by more than one private entities. These are permission networks, where every single entity from consortium has a word in how and who are going to use blockchain functionality.
  4. Hybrid Blockchains: Hybrid blockchains are the blockchains having both private and public networks. The network is layered in such a case, where levels which are external are generally public and the internal levels on the other hand are taken care by the private entity.

Advantages Of Blockchain

The benefits of blockchain technology involve center on public blockchains at first:

  • Decentralised Base: Decentralisation is the basic element of every blockchain, with no governing body, each of the assets are formed by following a consensus algorithm, which is open source and is for audit by anybody. With this, the users are also motivated by providing them with the ability to transact directly with one another and full ownership of their assets is retained as well.
  • Reduction In Costs: Important benefit of blockchain transaction is reduced cost, specifically when it is compared with traditional financial transaction via banks. This tends to make them versatile for transfer of money internationally as borderless nature of them won’t involve any sort of added conversion fees.
  • Security and Privacy Improvised: Added security is provided to blockchains due to their decentralised nature as the ledger is being provided to various participants, hackers are also not able to misuse any point of failure. Cryptography is also virtually unhackable and assets which are in wallet can’t be compromised till there is any error specific to user. Although it is totally transparent but the distributed ledger is pseudonymous i.e. the transactions are not attached to user identity, thereby giving them add on privacy.
  • Transparent and Traceable: As the Blockchain ledger is totally transparent and free for reviewing by anyone. Even every single transaction could be tracked to its origin and its source could also be investigated by its users. This is effective in situations where tracking is required, as it could be required by the logistics industry.

Uses Of Blockchain

With the implementation of smart contracts, blockchain is able to gain many use cases over decades. Such decentralised applications could be effectively used for automating the blockchain and representing anything which is of value by way of tokenised assets. Following are some examples relating to the same:

  • For removal of corruption, government could effectively use blockchain technology, thereby increasing transparency in administrative process. Also a trustless environment is created, by allowing its users to access appropriate information. With blockchain, elections would also become more clear and transparent.
  • Blockchain has also helped the finance system to revolutionise with the rise of decentralised finance. The youth today could easily trust on smart contracts for accessing advanced financial instruments as lending line of credit. Also the assets could be borrowed with the help of smart contracts between peers.
  • Blockchain has largely affected the logistics sector positively and its permissionless nature could also help in offering on- and – off ramp for new participants in supply chain. It aids in giving the customers access to the origin of the product, thereby making incentivise easy for the fair market. Also it’s traceable nature works boom for products in chain and so removing the problem of counterfeit items.Crux


Blockchain Technology therefore is very effective and made famous by the cryptocurrency and is gaining popularity in other industries also.

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