Future of Four Cryptocurrencies

In case you desire to convert your cryptocurrency to dollars for purchasing groceries at Walmart (WMT), books on Amazon (AMZN) or Coffee at Starbucks (SBUX). To this, the increase in value of Bitcoin and its digital currency rivals hasn’t matched with each day utility. The payment processor has cut off it’s Bitcoin support in January, revealing low transaction time and higher fees.

The Stripe product manager Tom Karlo said, “We have seen desires from our customers to accept Bitcoin decrease”. Bitcoin and various other digit rivals cannot match the utility of current financial system incumbents, banks and payment companies which tend to leverage the flow of funds over millions of merchant locations. Most of the crowd now is never going to have a landline, in the same manner the upcoming generation would do with no bank accounts cause of the secure, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions. The Blockchain technology and the crypto wealth have welcomed four cryptocurrency futures which would come in newer financial order.

The Future Of Four Cryptocurrency

It’s possibilities are:

  • Federal Reserve issuing its own digital currency in the manner as few of the global central banks do.
  • Big companies as Amazon, Walmart and Starbucks could aid in providing digital coins which helps in building trust and holding wide acceptance.
  • The big retailers by holding payments in currency could push Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency ahead of others for offering safety, utility and soundness.
  • Last but not the least, in case the trust isn’t there in government anymore then backed, or Fiat, currencies, cryptocurrency future is going to come up by default.

“The virtual currencies could only render the already holding currencies and monetary policy which is a run for their money”, International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde had predicted this. She added that the citizens could one day finally go with virtual currencies as they tend to offer the similar cost and convenience as cash, with no settlement risks, no clearing delays, no intermediary for checking accounts and no sort of central registration.

Such a potential tends to aid in explaining the reason behind various tech entrepreneurs converting cryptocurrencies into 21st Century gold rush as JP Morgan Chase(JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon trashing Bitcoin as fake.

Where both Dimon and various other titans of finance voice certainty about commercial banks would stay indispensable, the cryptocurrencies are going to remain on borderline and government is going to keep it in the same order.

About FedCoin

The capability of blockchain is to revolutionise the financial system which is holding few of the central banks going through the study so as to issue their personal digital currency. The Yale University scholars have forwarded the FedCoin and in such future of cryptocurrency, the FedCoin would be able create the monetary policy more flexible, also allowing the interest rates which are negative.

Where Bank of England study has given a conclusion regarding central-bank cryptocurrency boosting the GDP by 3%. Gains are going to arrive from decreasing the monetary transaction costs which are comparative to inaccurate tax rates. Then also the FedCoin would be seen as doubtful currently, cause of the huge disruption it is going to render. To this, the Central Bank crypto dollars are going to damage the very crucial financial intermediation function of commercial banks, according to JP Morgan.

The Bitcoin Crash Or Revolution Of Cryptocurrency?

The future of cryptocurrency is dependant on government, which clearly means smothering the same with regulation, cultivating the same with slight regulatory touch. Also Bitcoin has touched 2018 low with the start of February as on 6th February, the morning of a key Senate cryptocurrency hearing, brief under cut $6,000. Also the Chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Future Trading Commission had both demanded strong oversight. Yet the financial regulators have put a break in leverage to finding no alarm. Although after certain hearing, Bitcoin has rebounded to $11,000 but has no doubt retreated again lower to $7000.

As Bitcoin doubled in first half of December, touching peak which is above $19,000 as Bitcoin futures start trading on Cboe Global Markets (CBOE) and CME (CME). The so thought of future trading has come out as validation from U.S. regulators.

Can Bitcoin Raise Systemic Risks?

Warner has condemned CFTC for holding Bitcoin options at such a stage. According to him total cryptocurrency market capitalisation could hit $20 trillion-vs. $300 billion now with the surge as of 2017.

Still there is particular reason for being confused about cryptocurrency frenzy could come back. The JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America (BAC)– the Ma Bell Warner’s analogy has stopped the credit card buying of cryptocurrencies. Where, the SEC and foreign governments have been inclined on initial coin offerings. Also, in addition to all this, Alphabet (GOOGL)-unit GoogleTwitter (TWTR) and Facebook (FB) have banned the ads of cryptocurrency as well.

Also Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum had given warning through Twitter that cryptocurrencies “could drop to about Zero at some time and has confirmed that traditional assets are yet your safest bet.”
Cryptocurrencies in near future could be a “threat to financial stability” in case the regulators are not watchful at any point of time, according to The Bank for International Settlements, central banker for the global central banks.

Fiscal Train In Cryptocurrency Future?

As Fed tends to go through different challenge which is a runaway federal deficit even through a solid U.S. economy. Where deficit is going to top $1 trillion in fiscal 2019 and $2 trillion by 2027 and the figure is unpredictable. The republic’s of the nation have gone through big deficit financial tax cuts and enhanced government expenditures. Democrats desire added Social Security benefits and Medicare for almost every debt-free college.

In addition to this, the economist Goldman Sachs has given warning, “ The continued growth of public debt raises eventual sustainability questions if they are left unchecked.”

The Deutsche Bank global credit strategist Jim Reid had mentioned this strange headline in November report: “The Start of the End of Fiat Money?” Reid had argued higher levels of debt, would aid in holding the Fed and various other central banks, putting the Fiat currency at risk.

Where you should be clear about the Fiat money that it is a young innovation and has been in trend since President Nixon ended the dollar’s quasi-gold standard in 1971.

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