Hike In Shiba Inu coin By 55% After Musk’s Tweet

Elon Musk has again made a shift in crypto world through his tweet, people have now shifted their preference towards Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin due to a buzz created by Elon Musk. This digital token was actually made out of fun but after Elon Musk’s action, it’s value rose to 55% to $0.00001312 since last 24 hours.
Shiba Inu’s market cap had came over $5.22 billion mark, gradually Shiba Inu went to a hike of $0.00001482 but it also gave few of its gains afterwards. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX further tweeted with a photo of new member of his family, Floki his pet (puppy) who is sitting on Telsa. This he did in September by sharing post concerning welcome of new member in his family.

Musk’s Tweets made crypto obsessive interest individuals wonder over the coin of SHIB having increased volumes rapidly around 770% in last one day. This breed is thought to bring good luck of Musk’s favourite crypto currency Dogecoin. Therefore, Tesla CEO also known as Dogefather by users of internet. But Musk is not only the reason for the upliftment of Shiba Inu coin. The team of Shiba Inu is involved in building a project according to Ishan Arora who is partner of Tykhe Block Ventures, basically based on crypto hedge fund.Basics of Shiba Inu

This coin had started as meme coin without any use but after that converted into team which is ought to work on some things as in particular, decentralised exchange. In addition to Shiba Inu, various other meme tokens as Husky alongwith Shiba Cash increased to an unexpected level of 140% and 75 % respectively. On the other hand various other tokens as Babby Doug, Akita Inu, Doggy, Pitbull, Kishu Inu come together after fall between 15-35 %.

Dogecoin’s Position

As it is well known that Dogecoin is Musk’s most liked coin and has a great support of Musk as well, thereby soaring it from 12% to $0.2484 on Tuesday. This helped in again uplifting its position as ninth largest cryptocurrency depending on market capitalisation.
Whereas famous market players are of the view that crypto market is till now at the initial stage. Therefore, it reacts to well known figures as Musk. To this, Arora profoundly mentioned that investors should make themselves aloft from single time admirers until and unless there is any sustainable support at backend.


Various individuals are not having firm grip of their investment thesis and barely follow few of the influencers and so indulge in buying such sorts of meme coins. According to Arora, early Doge investors performed effectively last year, therefore it’s not that much low or high as it is desired by many.
Despite of all this, one has to accept that, influencers as Elon Musk play vital role in pushing the value of certain coins, they back up or support. This is so cause they are well known business tycoons whose recommendation for certain coin or we can say acceptance for certain coins at large, makes interested investors invest in the same coin. This is the reason why Shiba Inu volume raised instantly.

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