History of Bitcoin Wallet Price Hike After 9 Years

Bitcoin, the famous crypto coin once had value in lakhs but then with time it rose to Crores. In 2012, it came with new idea which was not trusted by many. It only made transactions of negligible value for around 12 years and then with a sudden drift it rose gradually in Crypto market, by transferring 616 tokens worthy of $29.40 Million ( Around Rs. 216 Crores) as per today’s value to different wallet. On receiving those 616 coins on December 10, 2012, every Bitcoin had value of $13.30 (around Rs. 978) meaning entire transaction has valued round 6 Lakhs by then. Therefore, such a growth of Bitcoin had made an empty wallet to full one. Thereby showing long term investments pay for those remaining stable in growing industry, knowing it’s volatile nature.

Growth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin around 2012, came with a new concept, but many of the investors hesitated in trusting the same. With time, it flourished as it came in knowledge of many people around who gradually joined the crypto industry for investments. Those investors who at an early stage tried Bitcoin had put themselves at risk.
But gradually, Bitcoin made a move on September 19 as per to the information acquired from Blockchain.com. This shift of Bitcoin in terms of its huge growth after 12 years made a remarkable say in investment history. Huge account holder ( Bitcoin) had rose to 3,58,655% over the last nine years.
Starting of July brought positive wave for the crypto industry with the aid of Bitcoin being active after long. Various huge accounts were then filled with ample amount of Bitcoins after December 2018. Bitcoins that were purchased were, 28,377 in number, having a value of 62,789 Crores as on July 17 and 18.
Same sort of event happened in June too when some wallet having 900 Bitcoins had grew after 9 years astonishingly. The value of holdings in 2012 was $12,778 (round 9.35 Lakhs), increased to about $33 Million ( round Rs. 242 Crores). Where in India, it was priced at Rs. 31.51 Lakhs ( round $42,827) till Tuesday morning.

Cryptocurrency Market

In Cryptocurrency Market, Huge Accounts are denoted for those who carry large number of crypto coins and so have the power to move the cryptocurrency market as well. Each and every transaction is in close surveillance for understanding the market fluctuations and are put for scrutiny sometimes, in case their moves are conflicting. To this, this has to be also in knowledge that in 2017, about 1000 people had become the owners of 40% of entire Bitcoins.


Although this industry is volatile in nature but people are increasingly moving towards this industry for investments and in particular post COVID times haves made a gradual hike in cryptocurrency market. More youth are shifting their investments in Crypto market after seeing growth in various coins. This shift had also put Bitcoins in popularity, thereby increasing their value.

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