Institutional Investors Interest in purchase of digital assets

Most of the institutional investors are inclined towards buying digital assets in near future. Even price fluctuations stand as barrier in entry of the new investors, but still they expect to buy these digital currencies, according to some findings of Fidelity cryptocurrency business.
The ratio of such investors goes around as seven out of 10 institutional investors are involved in investments of digital assets globally. As one of the findings by Coalition Greenwich have also analysed that more than half of institutional investors as 1,100 are already having their investments in digital asset. Where CoinSwitchKuber of India and CoinJar of London are one of the famous Crypto Exchanges which have served as guiding path for such investors in investing in digital currency appropriately.

Expectations from client’s Portfolio

Most of the lot who are inclined towards investing in near future are having expectations from their prospective client’s portfolio that they should add digital asset investments in the upcoming five years, as per to the findings. Such investments would involve either direct cryptocurrency investments or could get experience with the aid of stocks of cryptocurrency companies.

What is Fidelity Digital Asset?

After its launch in 2018, It is the cryptocurrency business of Boston based Fidelity Investments. It agrees to provide investors custody and for assets; execution services are also provided. This Boston based company was first financial service provider of its time to cover cryptocurrencies, which have at a rapid pace attracted those financial institutions which are well established.
Although cryptocurrency was the attraction for many but gradually its prices and trading volumes lowered. As Bitcoin, one of the top cryptocurrency had also fallen down to 50% since at a high in April.
As discussed above, price fluctuations have proved to be the largest barrier for new entrants. In addition to this they are also lacking those fundamentals which are required for assessing the value of market fluctuations.
Last but not the least to this is that according to certain survey; 10% of the institutional investments companies are involved in trading them. Also half labelling the upcoming asset class as “rat poison “.

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