Invisible Friends NFT In Detail

Invisible Friends NFT
Credits: invisiblefriends

The Invisible Friends is an NFT project made by digital artist Markus Magnus, being part of Random Characters (RCC) creative team. The collections by RCC holds pictures of digital NFT images of different unusual characters, each of which is having its own different story. The random characters have earlier released easy collection of NFT pictures as SlimHoods and Mood Rollers, which tend to allow most of the investors capitalising NFT art.

Where Invisible Friends Collection is collection of NFT animations of not to be seen characters which are performing different things and are dressed as per their activity. For instance, it could be a scientist, a surfer, a basketball player, a thief, a fisherman and anyone else as well.

As the collection is of animated images, characters are in continuous motion. Also the characters are drawn in a unique manner and with detailed attention.

Why Unique Collection?

The collection is famous amongst its users and investors, resultant having 500 thousand followers on Twitter. In addition, the Invisible Friends are having an active Discord community with more than 300K followers being energetically discussing the project, making of fan art, providing newer ideas, etc. The release of around 5000 animated images are being planned.

After the establishment, NFT Invisible Friends would be made available for being purchased on OpenSea. To this, most of the investors made good amount of money on NFT projects. Also the price of purchase for the projects as Azuki, Karafuru, Tasty Bones was around 0.1- 0.2 ETH. Where the selling cost ranges from 2 to 5 ETH.

Kith For Invisible Friends

Kith is a New York focused fashion brand which has declared the startup of joint NFT project with Invisible Friends. Such a collaboration was being decided with the target of making both the digital art and contemporary fashion and also the digital and physical space come together. Such a collection is going to make smaller circulation, which is going to give an opportunity for gaining access to single exclusive items.

The Kith Friends are basically total 12, 9 of which are1/1 and 3 are larger editions, all are dressed up in Kith product which is exclusive. Where the nine 1/1s are publicly auctioned on OpenSea in 24 hours.
Every friend would wore their personal unique dress which is inspired by the aesthetics of Kith stores. Also the winners of such an auction would be provided with all the physical wardrobe of Invisible Friends.

It’s very first launch is being set for May 18th. Every proceeds would be given to Kings Against Violence, non-profit organisation devoted to interpersonal violence. Where the left over eight 1/1 launches are set for the next day. Three bigger editions of Kith Friends would be made available to keepers of Invisible Friends. Such friends would be seen wearing Kith products. Each of the 3 editions would have various colors, sizes and products. Many a times in a year, such major editions of Kith Friends are going to be up to date.

Credits: invisiblefriends

Rare NFTs In Invisible Friend NFT Collection

The invisible art in collection is NFT #1125 and would go for 200 ETH. It portrays a piece of chalk which walks in the rain through a crime scene. Also there are three more ultra-rare NFTs in a lot (#2165, #1001, #4672), which have been sold on the spot for 110 ETH.

In What Manner To Purchase Invisible Friends?

Invisible Friends can’t be purchased in the main market, but they could be easily found on the secondary market. You could also have it on famous OpenSea or Looker, but it should be noted that it is not going to be low cost. At present the price is 5.29 ETH, which is over $12,000. This could not be compared with the original price, which was 12 ETH and had afterwards dropped to 5-7 Ether. Although being just half the size of most of its peer generative NFT project, the collection has collected around 41 thousand ETH in secondary market, which had moved the same in top 50 NFT collections.

Future for Markus Magnusson’s NFT Collection

Although with the decline in oil market, the Invisible Friends collection remains appropriate and in demand. Further, Markus Magnusson had also currently declared a partnership with Streetwear Kith, which is going to give add on profits to its holders. Also add-on updates to this year’s roadmap is being done as programming in NFT NYC, holder wrap mechanism and generating access to 3D Versions of NFTs.

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