Mutual Funds Technique Of Crypto Investments

Mudrex has launched coin sets so that potential investors could invest in variety of crypto products which are based on mutual fund, thereby setting up an efficient crypto asset management base. So, it’s the very first time when this sort of product is launched for the investors of retail. Although such type of products were readily available but were in reach of only HNIs and also of Institutional Investors.
Crypto investments are backed by an easily used product so that small investors are at ease of using them, where Y Combinator and Nexus VP supported Mudrex is at the backend for simplifying such crypto investments.
Crypto tokens basket is known as Coin Sets, which would be dependent on a specific theme and their is a belief of investors that such an idea would work, thereby growing wealth in future and for long.

DeFi (Decentralised Finance)

The coin set which are named as DeFi 10 would involve top 10 DeFi (Decentralised Finance) tokens. In the same way, the coin set of NFT would be a basket of top projects based on NFT.

Mudrex Team

The experts of Mudrex Team tend to create and manage coin sets, where the team is going to keep a watch on fund allocation, order execution, weightage and rebalancing periodically. This product is also going to aid investors in managing the risks so involved by providing a range of portfolios in different cryptocurrencies and they also go at a hike beyond average returns.
The co-founder and CEO of Mudrex team, Edul Patel was of the saying that such a base would bring ease and would also make investments in Crypto simpler for new investors. Coin Set is a product which allows its investors for reducing risk thereby spreading and varying investments in Cryptocurrencies.

Mutual Fund Like Product

The coin set is a mutual fund like product, having an effective risk-reward ratio, researched effectively for investors who tend to consider trading with crypto as long-term wealth creation choice and also this product allows to enhance retail participation in cryptos, according to Edul Patel.

Mudrex has currently made $2.5 million funding from Nexus Venture Partners, Kunal Shah, Village Global and others cause of having asset under management of above $15million. Mudrex is having a user base of around 90 countries as it had its launch in 2018.

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