Popular Cryptocurrency Of 2021, Turned Out To Be Shiba Inu

SHIB is at present the 13th biggest cryptocurrency of the world, having market cap of around $20 Billion. This coin had made its place in the crypto market with dog meme being named as ‘Dogecoin Killer’. This had so become the most viewed crypto in 2021, crossing the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin, as mentioned by the price-tracking website of cryptocurrency-‘CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap Analysis

A number which crossed ahead of 188 million views past 12 months was recorded by Dogecoin spin-off and on the other hand apex cryptocurrencyBitcoin had holded second position with 145 million views in 2021. Dogecoin also ranked third among the maximum viewed cryptocurrencies, holding 107 million views and Cardano on the other hand got 86 million views, while Ethereum holded 81 million views.

SHIB’s Rise

With the tweet of tech billionaire Elon Musk who had tweeted a photograph of Shiba Inu meme going to the moon as on October 18 had contributed in SHIB’s Rise. Token was having its price for trading at that moment as $0.000026 (Rs. 0.0020). Tweet of Elon Musk moved the coin to around 50% hike so as to reach $0.000044 (Rs. 0.0033) as per CoinMarketCap.
Second major reason for its rise is the news of SHIB being listed soon on the famous stock trading app (Robinhood). Robinhood is impelled for listing the coin on such a platform cause of the petition made on Change.org.

SHIB Popularity History

SHIB has not become famous overnight. Earlier in October, the data which was compiled by the ICO Analytics had shown Shiba Inu as the most discussed crypto in October. Thereby achieving 22% share of every crypto asset being mentioned on the platform, by dwarfing Ethereum by 8.1% and Bitcoin by 7.2%.
Whereas on TwitterSHIB fans have promoted with the aid of using hashtags as – #SHIBARMY #ShibaSwap #Shibainu #Shibainucoin and #SHIB so as to support the meme coin.
Amongst the ten majorly discussed crypto coins on Twitter are Safemoon, Cardano, Solana, Binanceaccording to the graph being shared by ICO Analytics. But no cryptocurrency went near to the popularity of SHIB. In addition to this, around 70.52% of SHIB’s moment is taken hold by eight huge accounts of which one huge account carries 41.03%. Therefore, this resulted in around 800% gains on the entire accounts and on their investments.

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