Shiba Inu being popular due to Elon Musk had updated with launching its own decentralised cryptocurrency exchange program as ShibaSwap recently as on July 6, 2021. Soon after this launch, significant price hike was there in this cryptocurrency. Again this launch was influenced by Elon Musk. His tweet was in concern with Shiba Inu to be named as Floki and tweeted it as on June 25,2021. Due to this Shiba Inu’s stock price raised by 16% in the exchange market.
No doubt Elon Musk has become influencer in cryptocurrency market, whereby proclaiming latest cryptocurrencies to the world by the way of his tweets. Wherein Shiba Inu has become the attraction for many investors in exchange market cause of Elon Musk’s influence. 

Shiba Inu Popularity

As per to the latest cryptocurrency market platform, Shiba Inu is making its place in the cryptocurrency exchange market by being the popular one amongst its investors. In cryptocurrency exchange market, Shiba Inu also Dogecoin is moving ahead to secure its future in this market. There are two coins as SHIB and LEASH in ShibaSwap base. With this latest decentralised exchange program, various investors get involved through many forms as swap, bonefolio, woof, dig, etc. Shiba Inu with its faster recognition and value has integrated itself into consisting of various cryptocurrencies. Those investors who chase Shiba Inu tokens could involve in trading with very many famous eCommerce sites as one being Walmart.

ShibaSwap Maintains Transparent Platform

ShibaSwap as discussed earlier is based on decentralised exchange base, has implied to remain on the Ethereumblockchain network so as to be transparent in its transactions related approach. Digital wallet is essential for the investors so as to view liquidity. It’s basic feature involves retrieving any of the UniSwap tokens properly.
It is known from the site that ShibaSwap has become basic example of negligence with almost no transparency, followed by awaring the investors that contract of staking in concerned with ShibaSwap is being controlled by single address since its initiation. Therefore, investors holding staking contract of ShibaSwap are at higher risk.

So,It is suggested that those investors willing to invest in Shiba Inu, making the latest decentralised exchange be its base should be knowing the red alert issues concerning the cryptocurrency exchange market before investing in the same.

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