SIP launched by ZebPay For Top Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum

As Bitcoin and Ethereum have been in the top list of cryptocurrencies due to their price hike, ZebPay had decided to avail facility of SIP as a sort of mutual fund for these two cryptocurrencies for lowering investments.
After ZebPay Earn as ZebPay’s effective feature in benefiting its users in earning returns on their cryptocurrencies, now ZebPay has launched a new app as ZEBB, allowing its users with easier SIP choices in Bitcoin and Ether.
SIP Investments could be made by prospective buyers on weekly basis as so as to take benefits from buying or selling with ZEBB, with zero % buying fees. Prospective investors would have to only sign up and fulfil the entire KYC process and after that initiate buying of Ether or Bitcoin.

ZEBB Beneficial For Investors

Investors of ZebPay are privileged for dollar or rupee cost average and with the use of ZEBB, it has become more easier for the prospective investors. Top cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum are having huge growth prospects, where SIP is well known for wealth creation which aids its users in guiding with best possible ways to invest in appropriate average buy price as confirmed by the Co- Chief Executive Officer of ZebPay.
For instance according to the CCEO OF ZebPay, if an investor is involved in buying Rs. 100 of Bitcoin in every week in last year then they would get benefits of around 72% on entire investments.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The top most cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation of above trillion dollars is Bitcoin. Whereas, Ethereum comes second amongst all the cryptocurrencies, having market capitalisation of around $43 billion.
But as per to the demand and supply of Bitcoin or Ether, both prices could vary in the Crypto exchange market. So, the effective way for gaining average price on these assets is ‘Rupee Cost Averaging’ according to facts gained by ZebPay.

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