Amazon.eth ENS Domain Gets A $1 Million Bid

As per OpenSea, the space name was bought for 100 ETH in October 2019.
In the event that the deal is acknowledged, it will go down as history's second-biggest ENS buy in dollar terms.
As indicated by the posting page, past proposals to buy the name were for two or three thousand bucks each.
He likewise has another ENS name in 'fortnite.eth' - named after the well known fight royale shooter from Epic Games.
The singular making the proposition claims around 20 ENS names. Various are connected with Amazon, including one called 'jefferyjefferybezos.eth'.
The amazon.eth name was made on August  2nd of 2017 and terminates on October 16th  of 2036. It was first enlisted on February seventh of 2020.
Ethereum Name Service (ENS) gives intelligible names to various parts of the web 3 world. 
These regularly incorporate blockchain addresses, however can likewise relate to IPFS hashes, or website URLs.
Like NFTs, ENS names can be traded on auxiliary business sectors.
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