The Crypto Mile: A journey into the metaverse that promises 'eternal life'

The metaverse is an organization of computer generated reality universes with a worldwide market esteemed at almost $50bn starting around 2022.

New show 'The Crypto Mile' takes us on a visit through these different computerized aspects - which are supposed to have a market of more than $600bn by 2030.

Watch the most recent episode of The Crypto Mile and submerge yourself in these early universes that in the no so distant past were bound to the minds of sci-fi essayists.

Every world inside the metaverse has its own exceptional perspectives, from the childish designs of Facebook's Meta (META) to the decentralized pixels of Decentraland.

Episode 2 of The Crypto Mile, published today, looks at the companies hoping to make a profit in the metaverse.

Especially if society starts spending more and more time within these virtual worlds.

Decentraland offers clients a great many exercises like games, shows, club and exhibitions, where NFT specialists can show and sell their work.

One of the most astonishing revelations inside Somnium Space was a capability that vows to give users the choice to 'live perpetually' in the computerized aspect.

Where a reproduction of a departed individual can reside on in ceaselessness, with the assistance of man-made reasoning.

The 'Live Forever' mode guarantees 'everlasting status' for its clients and the chance of bantering with an AI recreation of a friend or family member, long after they're gone.

The mode "can take an individual's development and voice and all that they do, then, at that point, we can apply AI to reproduce that individual inside a VR world.

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