Binance eliminates fees for bitcoin trading worldwide

Binance will eliminate the trading commissions for bitcoin (BTC) all rededor del mundo from July 8, suffering the vara de la competencia para los otros exchanges de cryptomonedas.

The tariffs will be eliminated by the combination of bitcoin with 13 stablecoins and fiat dinero, including BTC/USDT, BTC/USDC and BTC/BUSD, anunciĆ³ Binance el miĆ©rcoles.

This measure corresponds to an extension of a program that the largest exchange by volume introduced in the United States last month.

Fee-free trading will become effective from July 8 to coincide with the exchange's five-year anniversary and will continue until further notice.

The decision to extend this measure worldwide comes two weeks after Binance's US operation removed trading fees for bitcoin spot pairs.

With the current bear market, exchanges like Binance have been looking for ways to attract and retain users on their platforms to ensure they stay on their feet.

Shares of Binance's rival exchange Coinbase (COIN) fell 9.7% on June 22, the day US Binance announced its fee-free trading.

Stocks are down 5.8% today, while the Nasdaq 100 Index is down less than 0.2%.

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