Twitter commitments to sue Elon Musk for leaving Twitter bargain.

Elon Musk offically deserted Twitter bargain refering to strange spam bots information given by Twitter.

Accordingly, Twitter board has promised to make a legitimate move against the most extravagant individual on the planet and uphold the consolidation.

The exceptionally expected $44 billion arrangement was never a sooth sail all along.

Well Street examiners had anticipated that Musk could utilize spam bots information to arrange the Twitter bargain.

Despite the disagreement on data provided by Twitter, Musk said he was determined to close off the deal.

With Musk pulling out from Twitter bargain, Dogecoin's incorporation on the virtual entertainment stage is probably going to stay a fantasy.

It will be fascinating to see the fight in court among Twitter and Elon Musk unfurl and what it will mean for Dogecoin.

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