Success Reason Behind The Bored Ape Yatch Club NFT Brand

Credits : Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC) is amongst the popular NFT projects. It’s the top rated expensive NFT from the collection and was sold off for $3.59 million (769 ETH) so far. The owners of BAYC NFTs involve big names as Eminem, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dogg, Lil Baby, KSI and Post Malone. In case you are not aware of BAYC or NFT then you go through the following

  • As we all known that NFT holds for Non-fungible Token and every token is different and could depict the game collectibles, art pieces, objects in real life, music or also can depict as a ticket to an experience.
  • The Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC) is a set of10,000 NFTs which give every member the ownership of special ape character stylishly cartoonized and providing admission to an exclusive community.

Advantages Of Holding a BAYC NFT

The BAYC isn’t just merchandising the collection of card with visually attractive ape cartoons.

  •  The owners of every BAYC NFT tends to receive the commercial usage rights, on which they could effectively make the products.
  • The tokens work as ID cards to an online clubhouse which is made in such a manner to feature as a cool dive bar and also real world private events.
  • Every NFT is holding a large resale value and so it’s an investment.
  • The Bored Ape Kennel Club was made by the team which allows the BAYC owners to “adopt” a dog NFT which mimics the features of Bored Ape. Such dog NFTs hold remarkable resale value.
  • Even the digital vials were build of mutant serum, which when blended with Bored Ape, the owners could build another NFT- the Mutant Ape.

Who is at the backend of Bored Ape Yatch Club?

The team which is behind the BAYC is still unknown and tend to go with their pseudonymous names as Gordon Goner, Gargamel, Emperor Tomato and No Sass. Since then the Yuva Labs have started by them, which is actual Web 3.0 company.

Framing Larger Concept

With the start of 2021, the BAYC team had seen the manner in which both CryptoPunk and Hashmasks have become cultural currency. The Crypto Twitter community which had from its start grown and had brainstormed as well for combing the collectible art with membership of community.

They had also initiated the BAYC concept with 10,000 apes, every single one holding features as of different fur types, clothing, etc.

Apes also hold a past as to being ennui-afflicted crypto billionaires being hanging in Yatch club in 2031. This is an eye catching art piece or more than that.

For What Reasons is the Bored Ape Yatch Club Being so famous?

Even I don’t intend to own any of the ape NFTs and also have an assumption that maximum number of individuals don’t use the same as they are sacred. The most important aspect which has to be taken care off is how they are going to build a brand and popularity out of thin air.
The Tipping Point of Malcolm Gladwell is the best way to describe the entire process. Gladwell through such a Point has argued about three key factors which are there for the influencing trend:

  •  The Law of few: Very small group of people as mavens, connectors, salesman are going to spread the word as fire.
  • Stickiness: The idea is to make it memorable or more desiring.
  • Principle of Context: The proper situation which tends to make people care.
    Therefore, these three factors could be considered for examining the success of BAYC.
Credits : Ape Yatch Club

The Law of Few

By the time in 2008, Kevin Kelly had written about the content creators requirement of having 1000 true fans for making living in her essay. BAYC is having 10,000 and are the holders of the original Bored Apes. When per-sales were going on, the makers were in tension cause the momentum was slow. But for around four days, the community had initiated to flood the gates to ‘ape in’, via the power of community and scarcity as few of the fans have grabbed ahead of one Ape each.

On the other hand the BAYC owners assure about the Yatch sails and won’t sink. If in case we intend to use the Gladwell’s guideline, then 10,000 are the mavens, connectors and salesman in all. They intend to use their network of connections for expanding the word, spreading knowledge and insights with other people and thereby giving an edge to the value of owing the Bored Ape.

The activity based on community is being boosted, is the commercial usage rights which NFT owners are holding. To this, one of the popular example is about one Bored Ape owner sets up a Twitter account for his Ape, thereby creating a backstory and thereafter converting him into Jenkins, a valet which works for the Yatch Club.

Even the Bored Apes have got the central attention with its celebrity owners, being mentioned in the start of the article.

In case, we have to acknowledge about when BAYC had peaked on Google Trends, it was close from August to September 2021, when Stephen Curry had spent $180,000 on Bored Ape NFT, a set of 101 Bored Ape NFTs were being sold for $24.4 million at Sotheby’s. The ownership of celebrity and higher value had indicated to broader world which was apart from crypto and the NFT fans, which BAYC requires to be considered on a serious note.


The designs of Bored Apes are iconic and where every Ape is holding its different features which tends to make them apart, they aspire to follow a core set of shapes which explain their look as Bored Ape. The differences also build a not to end discovery which feeds the generous minds and tend to involve them by sharing newer varieties which makes the community astonish, Yuva Labs provides latest ideas in the community so as to reenergise them.

The BAYC’s theme and the setting from the world building serious attempt are strongly consistent, attempting to make a strong brand identity. BAYC holds every aspect which is required for a strong brand and has a different logo, amazing brand personality and a mascot (or 10,000?). It will not have a slogan, but frankly not each brand requires one. Also BAYC never bifurcates from cool branding and are aware about their audiences. Wether it is Mutant Apes or Bored Ape Kennel Club, BAYC remains frank to the brand’s cool vibes, building a universe which could effectively move ahead from the digital area.

The Power of Context

BAYC doesn’t start up its own base in isolation and tend to leverage the current crypto communities on Twitter from the very start. They were made known when ETH had a break out of about $3000. After the demonstrated success of various different NFT projects, BAYC tends to add up another layer by making an improved multilayer project. BAYC had initiated at correct time (April 2021) and correct place (Twitter).

Credits : Ape Yatch Club

Bored Ape Yatch Club’s Future

BAYC is the current lifestyle brand. From Oct 31 to November 6 2021, the team has gone through its very first annual Ape Fest, involving in-person gallery party, warehouse party, yatch party, special merchandise pop-up and dinner based on charity in New York. Also, community get-togethers have been conducted in Hong Kong and UK, explaining global cultural influence. Such an Iconic Bored Ape was based on the Rolling Stone Magazine, moving its cultural currency value above the roof. They had joined hands with adidas for the iconic brand’s first NFT project and building their personalised mobile game.

The Bored Ape is now a streetwear brand, Iconic celebrity character, events organiser, Mobile game developer and music and content developer. The Goner had claimed about the ‘Yuga Labs’ that it desires to become a Web 3.0 lifestyle company and they aren’t stopping. The affect of BAYC is moving ahead of crypto and NFT and is out of the range of the owners of original Bored Ape.

Each one could experience fast and can be a participant of brand experience of BAYC, where not being in the club, which tend to aspire being part of the club by being more valuable. This is definitely their kind of approach for creating a long-lasting brand and not a hype.

The BAYC has involved in creating a play book as to how a successful NFT project or brand would look, thereby motivating other creators for following suit. We look at NFT projects as Fancy Bears Metaverse and Azuki sharing the similar community and brand protocol.

Also not only this, BAYC has created a brand without advertising, even without social media promotion or even search marketing. They exactly tackled the power of community by bringing them together and thereby making a brand which is a badge of honour and pass for each one who is participant of specialised community.

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