Transaction Fee Hike For Crypto Exchanges

One of the world’s controversial exchange Bitfinex had to pay $23.7 million as transaction fees for depositing $100,000 on Blockchain which was found to be on the high side amount to be paid. Bitfinex was on the verge of shifting the amount in Tether ( stable coin ) which was fixed with dollar to decentralised exchange DeversiFi at 7:10 a.m. New York Time of Monday and this was seen in records of blockchain tracker Etherscan. One of the terms exhibited through such payments is the gas fees which is levied on transacting on Ethereumblockchain paid by miners, in exchange for performing trades on digital ledger. This amount differs on demand and supply of computing power at any point of time. On the other hand such an unpredictable and rise in fee is a complaining issue in such a trading environment, in consideration with this year’s decentralised financial boom. To this, the $24 million price tag had thought of to be an error as DeversiFi had mentioned it “erroneously high” in some tweet.
Mistype Error is unexplained due to variations in traditional market, but such errors are of a problem in Crypto world also cause of the irreversible nature of blockchain transactions.
In case of such transactions as the blockchain transactions, fees is levied through third party integrations with Bitfinex, according to some speaker of British Virgin Islands based Bitfinex in an e-mail.

DeversiFi’s Statement

Recently DeversiFi has also confirmed about the fee levied on blockchain and it is expected that DeversiFi would solve this matter accordingly from their side.

DeversiFi and Bitfinex

Bitfinex and Tether have same owners and executives and on the other hand DeversiFi and Bitfinex are linked closely. DeversiFi has three co-founders who have worked at Bitfinex and the company have on Thursday, mentioned that they are having link with each other, thereby enabling Tether tokens cheap transfer.
There is no risk for those customers who are having funds on DeversiFi and also it is DeversiFi’s ‘cup of tea’ to resolve the such an internal issue, while the operations won’t get affected.
These both, DeversiFi and Bitfinex aren’t different from one another on the say that exchange is setting a scrutiny with the New York Attonery General in the starting of the year. On the other hand criminal investigation is set for the executives of Stablecoin and in past the customer funds had been stolen or not to be able found on the contrary. In case of Ethereum blockchain transaction, the user has to fill the amount required by them for paying in gas, basically depends on two main components:
• How large is their trade going to be?
• How much eagerness for completion of transaction at earliest, they have?


In last 2019, the company which was at the back of Tether had doubled the supply in circulation, more than it otherwise could and all this was by chance cause of the confusion caused due to token decimals, with brought sudden fall in Bitcoin. In addition to this, many people have complains on social media regarding by mistake entry in gas fees and that to extraordinarily being on the higher side.

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