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Velhalla – Velas Play-to-Earn Metaverse In Detail

Credits: Velhalla

The Metaverse momentum is at its highest, where the tech giants as Meta, Microsoft and Apple race for in building the flag on immersive internet. Vision of such a metaverse is decentralised. Where Velhalla is the current one for joining the reason.

What is Velhalla Metaverse?

Velhalla is actually an upcoming project of metaverse which is set particularly against the famous Viking mythology. It is implanted on the Velas Blockchain where it assures a gripping gaming experience as anything which is seen before. You could also involve in different thrilling experiences which is going to open up as the project moves ahead.

For the beginners, one could effectively purchase and sell pieces of land as you are going to do on Decentraland or Sandbox. Also you could easily avail the outfits and accessories for your avatar and buy the characters according to the website. On the basis of play-to-earn base, it intends to provide tokens and NFTs in exchange of the time which users spend in metaverse.

Velhalla is induced by Bluezilla and is holding various other successful projects under its belt as well as BSCPad, NFT Launch, Velas Pad and Game Zone.

Valhalla Reimagined On Velas

Velhalla is a union of ‘Vel’ from Velas and ‘Halla’ from Valhalla. In case you are known to Norse Lore ( or Marvel Comics), then you must be aware of the idea concerning the game concept by now. Where Valhalla is basically hall for the fallen, a majestic and enormous hall been situated in Asgard,which is ruled by Odin. It tends to house people who thereof die in combat.

The Velhalla Metaverse brought the Valhalla to future based, magical world increased with the cyberpunk aesthetics and storytelling. You are going to make dungeons, earn crypto and thereafter gather NFTs while moving around in ultra-futuristic gears. In other way you are going to earn money while playing with state of art video game. Therefore, yo aren’t working alone in metaverse, mutants, Vikings and cyborgs are there for accompanying you.

Working of this Metaverse

As various video games, the basic target is concerned with securing your possessions while you are adding to them by grabbing the same from others. For attaining add-on rewards, you have to raid the dungeons of other players and same time wave off the raids to your dungeon. Also you can join forces with different other players for forming guilds.

Winner allowed to claim the spoils

The more you involve in unlocking newer levels in game, the more you get your characters upgraded, attain latest attire and cover yourself with latest weapons.

Credits: Velhalla

What Makes The Velhalla Apart?

Velhalla is operated and owned by some users and this very feature differentiates Velhalla from various other play-to-earn projects in metaverse. Where the role of the key players isn’t limited to evolving with the game. They are able to make continuous growth and adaptation with this metaverse.

They are able to make their different world, towns, communities within the metaverse, keeping a track with theme of this base. Different stories are going to be there in progress in various worlds so that users are going to enjoy the experience of gaming which they find easy.

It focuses on creativity and motivate users for explaining themselves for growth of the base entirely. Well, you not only select your adventure here but instead try to build the same.

Hence, governance of Velhalla is not defined in advance as it moves around the process of project, providing it to those users who have just made contributions towards its growth. To this, based on crypto initials, the value so collected from the base would be redeemable outside the metaverse too. Where interoperability once adopted would tend to open doors for various other chances.

In case you are of the thinking about this metaverse then this is one of the effective manner to make a loyal community and survive a large audience. Especially in case you are holding a decentralised tag. Users tend to build the environment depending on what they are furthermore interested in holding. Yes, it would it would be close to the preset theme that is discussed above, but players are holding some say and this defines it differently.

Team is deciding to move with mature aesthetics on par with today’s video games. As the present crypto metaverse which tends to accept the difficult cartoon pattern, Velhalla desires to focus on the experience being visual.

Do Velas Provide A Cutting Edge to Velhalla?

As there are various blockchain focused metaverse and gaming projects as of now, the increasing cost of NFT and crypto transactions is a blockage for decentralised growth of industry. The cost of transactions on Ethereum blockchain are at peak, mostly proving to be unfeasible for daily users. The snail- paced rate at which processing is being done of them is not to be specified specifically. In this case, crypto play-to-earn base would be pastime for the high income groups.

Making this main point, Velhalla is made on Velas blockchain, which is being assumed by their fans that it is an Ethereum Killer. It’s the very first EVM compatible network which tends to boost Solana’s code base for supporting cross-chain transfers of every major coin. With 75,000 transactions per second and $0.00001 in fee, it provides cutting edge to NFT and also to play-to-earn projects. Such a chain tends to keep up all smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Moving ahead with Velas has given few of the add on perks to Velhalla. It has been chosen to Velas $100 Million Grants Program, inclined towards capable projects making on Velas infrastructure. This is thought off in pushing the project upliftment in required course.

About SCAR Token

SCAR is basically relative token of Velhalla ecosystem and is going to provide a full range of utilities on this base, from providing in-game purchases so as to incentivise and govern the same. It is readily made available on the PancakeSwap (V2), DODO BSC and Wagyuswap.

About It’s Upcoming

The Velhalla roadmap isn’t out uptil now and according to current announcement, it’s thought of to release in last week of November. This could provide an idea concerning the project and to where it is going and as to when it could be expected to be streaming live.

In case everything goes as per plan then Velhalla would surely seize the attention of play-toearn enthusiastics and also the newbs.

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