Binance CEO eyes '50 to 100 deals' as crypto slump shakes industry

In the midst of a weighty auction in cryptocurrencies as of late, firms are running into inconvenience and a portion of the business' greatest players have stepped in to offer help.

Zhao, known as 'CZ' by the industry, said Binance is currently “looking at 50 to 100 deals.”

The firm is seeing "a ton of chances on the lookout" on the employing front, M&A, and is likewise investigating brought down exchanging charges with its U.S. auxiliary contribution zero-charge bitcoin exchanging the week before.

Lately, FTX pioneer Sam Bankman-Fried has emerged as the business' most dynamic player offering monetary help to beset firms.

 Some have compared his activities to what might be compared to Warren Buffett's activities during the Financial Crisis back in 2008.

Crypto's absolute market capitalization has dropped by more than $1 trillion over the most recent three months, remaining at $956 billion