Convicted scammer Anna Sorokin says she is now selling NFTs

Anna Sorokin, known for taking countless dollars from companions and organizations while acting like a German beneficiary.

She said she's attempting to create some distance from the "trickster persona" and plans to send off an assortment of NFTs.

Sorokin stamped 10 NFTs that will give holders "select access" as far as she might be concerned, which incorporates advantages like one-on-one calls, she told NBC News.

Socrokin, who is still in Immigration and Customs Enforcement guardianship, has served around four years in jail.

Socrokin was found at real fault for duping banks and lodgings out of countless dollars.

Socrokin dishonestly professed to be a German beneficiary ith a legacy of $60 million.

Sorokin's NFT assortment, "Reexamining Anna," is  a play on the Netflix series.