Non- Fungible Tokens And Their Working

Non- Fungible is in itself holding the term ‘one of a kind’ which clearly means that NFTs are unique and can’t be duplicated with anything else.

These tokens in Crypto world are new rage and gradual rise in cryptocurrency has opened way for range of possibilities.

Where NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are going with the flow of new technology as from art to music and pixelated images, these digital assets are being sold in market readily, and most of them are being sold for millions of dollar.

This is so cause NFTs are unique in a manner that they can’t be replaced for any thing. For instance, Bitcoin isn’t an NFT, but it is that piece of an art which is non fungible and can’t be replaced. Table of Contents

Non- fungible is clearly meant to say one of its kind, whose place can’t be taken by any. These are those digital assets which represent real world objects as music, digital images, videos or any sort of collectable item which cannot be replaced.

Differentiation and Similarity Between NFT and Cryptocurrency